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We were approached to realise this contemporary new build 4 bedroom home overlooking Woolacombe Bay, North Devon.  The client had purchased a restricted access plot of land, chosen for its breath taking sea views perched on a steeply sloping Devonshire hillside.

This exposed, yet stunning location, along with planning restrictions influenced the form which evolved into a single storey building that nestled into the sites gradient.

Externally the building is clad in Shou Sugi Ban, the ancient Japanese art of charred timber. Vertical cladding strips give a striking textual aesthetic that nestles into its context with a sophisticated yet rustic confidence.

Internally the building makes sense of the contoured site with the creation of three flowing terraced levels dropping down the hillside, reflecting the surrounding landscape. Glass slots along the side bring glimpses of the coastal views to the very depth of the building whilst naturally gravitating you towards the main living spaces on the bottom terrace that opens up onto the rear garden and the 10 meter wide uninterrupted sea views. 

Beautifully crafted concrete floors and cast concrete steps give rise to a monolithic and sculptural interior. The connecting triangle components of the roof further helps creates a simple yet sculptural space. 

Each bedroom has carefully framed the view of the hillside on the opposite side the valley and in so doing cutting out all views of neighbouring buildings. Timber slats over half of the tall bedroom doors/windows give additional privacy.

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