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Nina and Dan Rowland Grand Designs 1_edited.png

Photo: James French Photography

When Daniel and Nina Rowland met in 2011, they were both running their own practices: Daniel an award-winning architectural practice that worked predominantly on luxury residential projects; and Nina an interior design practice, FormRoom, that created award-winning interiors for restaurants, cafes and luxury retailers around the world.

Daniel had begun the build of his property in Notting Hill when they met - and by the time it was finished it was featured in multiple design publications and became a home for the pair and their newly born first daughter.

They were ready to create their next project, so found a large plot on the South Coast with a run-down property. They fell in love with the site and a few years later sold the Notting Hill property which paid for the entire build of of the award-winning luxury eco house, The Water Shed - based in Bosham, Chichester

(as featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs).


When Nina and Daniel bought the plot in Bosham on the outskirts of Chichester, there was a large sludgy pond overpowering the site. This had put many potential vendors off, but what the couple saw was incredible potential.

Daniel had the idea to convert the pond into a natural swimming pond and move the house into the centre of the plot, away from the road - and have it 'floating' over the pond. The idea was that you could simply dive straight out of the kitchen into the water.

In October 2022 it aired on Grand Designs - and was lauded by many as the best property in the show's 20 year history. It has since been featured in multiple publications, won the very prestigious Sussex Heritage Award - and is used by luxury brands for photoshoots and private rentals.

Daniel and Nina integrated their broad skillsets and years of experience within architecture, interiors, nature and the environment - and formed Studio Fuse, an award-winning practice that creates projects that fully integrate nature into the design of the architecture, be it a private residence, a commercial entity or a cultural building. They also collaborate with financiers, investors and site owners to create their own projects.

NIna and Dan Modern Rustic.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Modern Rustic

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