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This new build house sits on a 1.5 acre site, falling within the context of both a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). Being close to and enhancing this naturally beautiful landscape was at the core of the projects principles.

The main home is formed of two parts; a two storey component anchors into the ground with a flint plinth whilst its smaller single storey sister hovers over a newly constructed Natural Swimming Pond. These two parts of the building are connected by a glass link which floats over water, this further detaches the single storey part of the building accentuating its uniquely intimate relationship with the site’s waterscape and nature.

In the middle of the house is a dramatic triple height space over the dining area with floating balconies on the First and Second Floors which take advantage of the views created by the double height glazing. This space also assists with solar gains and passive ventilation.

To compliment the building, and to further anchor the home into its environment, we carefully designed the landscaping to ensure the ecology of the site would thrive.

This home is highly energy efficient; firstly calling on intelligent passive strategies and then using renewables such as a GSHP (Ground Source Heat Pump), PV (Photovoltaics), Water Harvesting & Recycling and Thermally High Performing Materials will be used. The resulting house will be close to net zero carbon.

Other features of this approved application are a Pool Cabin/Sauna, Art Studio, Garage, Tennis Court, Outdoor Dining, Hot Tub and a Wildlife/Sculpture Trail.

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Studio Fuse co-founders Daniel and Nina Rowland are featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs with Kevin McCloud.
Photo: James French Photography

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